Spring Snow

Snow may stop play later on today.

I’m writing this post at 10am PST yesterday. It’s earlier than I would usually choose but already our local weather forecast is looking a tad optimistic.

Snow showers before 10am, then rain and snow showers likely. High near 40. South wind 5 to 10 mph becoming west southwest in the afternoon. Chance of precipitation is 80%. Total daytime snow accumulation of less than one inch possible.

For we have already received an inch.

Photo taken at 09:45 PST Sunday, 5th March.

But before sharing with you a lovely video that appeared recently on the Care2 site, let me add a postscript to yesterday’s Picture Parade on the theme of Everyone Needs a Friend. A picture taken on Saturday evening of Pedy sleeping back-to-back with one of our ex-rescue cats from Mexico.

p1160925Now on to today’s share.


Daily Cute: Irish Wolfhound Wags World’s Longest Dog Tail

Keon the Irish wolfhound has claimed the world record for longest dog tail at 2 feet 6.2 inches!


Hopefully we will still be on and connected by the time you read this. Either way, here’s a closing picture.


18 thoughts on “Spring Snow

    1. Good morning! Well, we are still connected but it is snowing quite heavily. Too dark to see what conditions are like. The only downside to loving an Irish Wolfhound is the guarantee of a broken heart; they only live to about six years old.

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  1. More snow! (willing to trade for days and days of rain…oh, maybe not, the spruced up plants can manage the rain, but a frost would now would mean more yard work.) Looks snuggly there anyway. Nothing is a nice as a warm ringed cat tail…unless it;’s whacking someone in the face.
    The big breeds are so endearing but so hard on you. We had several Bouviers ( rescues..yes pure breds do end up in dire straights and kill shelters. Thank goodness for networking of fans and owners) Bouviers are fabulous dogs – wild and crazy puppies for a couple of years, then wonderful friends and guardians. You just sandwich all the love and kindness you can in a few years as you know there’s such a short time.


  2. The snow is beautiful and I love the photo of the cats sleeping as only cats can, with absolute contentment.

    The Irish wolfhound is quite a dog. Truly this breed is very gentle and they make wonderful pets. His tail almost looks like a rope. He has a great Irish family for sure.


  3. Any extra snow you don’t want would be happily accepted in Denver. Just saying. 😇
    I have a granddog that looks very similar to the one in the video that might give him a little competition. #loveirishwolfhounds


  4. All dogs are wonderful, There is an Irish Wolfhound walked sometimes where I go for my sometimes consitiutional. He is a gorgeous boy as is the one in the video. Stay warm and rugged up. Love love the cats keeping cosy together.


  5. A great way to start the day. Snow is just beautiful…for a moment. Winter keeps giving spring a run for it’s money. I think I’m ready for winter to lose it’s grip. Maybe we can wrap that tail around it. Wow!


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