Saturday cat’s day!

The perfect follow-on to yesterday’s post.

As many of you will know yesterday I published a post that was a republication of a recent item on the Care2 site about a Fire Department coming to the aid of a dog.

3201628-largeAny fire chief will tell you that a fire department’s role is not just fighting fires, but sometimes helping community members out of a tight spot. And for the McDowell County Rescue Squad in North Carolina, that form of service required a delicate touch last week when they were called upon to free a dog named Sadie from the grips of a truck tire rim.

Just to illustrate that caring runs across other departments and other animals, read this recent Mother Nature Network story.


Meet the abandoned kitten who is now the top cop at NYPD’s 60th Precinct

Jenn Savedge   March 2, 2017, 3:34 p.m.

Martin is all purrs for the officers of Coney Island’s 60th Precinct. (Photo: New York City Alerts/Twitter)

When the officers at a New York police station found an abandoned kitten on their doorstep, they could have taken him to their local animal shelter. Instead, they took him in as one of their own. And now Martin is the official precinct mascot (and unofficial morale booster) of the New York Police Department’s 60th Precinct.

Today, the 6-month-old kitty is living the high life, with treats, toys and snuggles in abundance. But his future was not that certain just a few months ago. The tabby cat was abandoned on the doorstep of the NYPD’s Coney Island office. Fortunately, the officers instantly fell in love, and rather than turn him over to a shelter, they petitioned their boss to adopt him as a pet for the whole precinct.

Officer Martin D. Costanza, who became the cat’s namesake, led the charge to adopt the kitten. Costanza and his fellow officers put the request in with Deputy Inspector William Taylor, the New York Post reports. Taylor, a self-described animal lover, agreed under one condition: Someone else needed to be in charge of the litter box.

Taylor even agreed to pay for Martin’s food and treats and the officers pooled their funds to pay for their new kitty’s shots, neutering and microchipping. Throughout the station, Martin has baskets for napping, multiple food stations and plenty of toys. He also has a large, admiring fan club of officers and visitors who can’t wait to give him a pet or a snuggle.

Since word of his adoption has been made public, the precinct has been inundated with offers for donations and requests to help. But the officers want Martin’s fans to know that all of his needs are being met and that donations should be sent to the local animal shelter.

According to Taylor, Martin shows up at roll call every morning to “inspect” the officers and spread a little joy. “He has the run of the precinct.” Taylor told the New York Post. “He took control of the place right away.”

In my absence "Martin" is called upon to make the heavy decisions.
In my absence “Martin” is called upon to make the heavy decisions.


You all take care of yourselves out there!

20 thoughts on “Saturday cat’s day!

  1. Lovely story and what a fortunate kitty. He will be well protected among all those kind hearted policeman/woman. This story shows that the keepers of law and order are ordinary people that also love animals and who perform extraordinary jobs.


      1. It won’t stick here but maybe in downtown. Fortunately, my daughter can work from her home if the buses are having a hard time getting around in the morning. I can just stay put now that I have plenty of fruit and veggies to get me through. 2 inches of snow would stop Portland in it’s tracks. 🙂


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