It is never boring with our wonderful dogs.

Settle down and enjoy this ten-minute video.

Huge thanks to Suzann.

Because Jean and I were out from 9am through to well after 2pm and I had a string of things to do including writing today’s post.

But there in my email inbox was a greeting from Su and a link to the following:

Enjoy! (Guaranteed that you will; by the way!)

Give your dogs a wonderful hug from us here in Oregon!

8 thoughts on “It is never boring with our wonderful dogs.

  1. Such a great little video, Paul! The Boxer greeting his parent while doing the “curl” on the couch reminded me so much of our girl Sophie. The Bulldog drooling was clearly reminiscent of our Abby. The last dog who was wide eyed at being adopted, that was Mags! Thanks to Su for the joyful memories of all of our past pack members.


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