Thank you Channel 15!

Delighted to share this with you all.

Back in July we were contacted by John Letz asking if he could come and film a news item for KDRV of Jean and me and our dogs.

Of course we said ‘yes’ and the following is the result.

Learning from Dogs for CH 15 news from John Letz on Vimeo.

Trust you will forgive this small waving of the Handover banner!

(Plus, if you want to buy the book please drop into Amazon and choose which format you would like.)

16 thoughts on “Thank you Channel 15!

      1. 😀 Well thank goodness you used the correct name: braces!

        Over here they are described as suspenders and it’s an endless, and thankless, task in correcting people.

        Talk about two nations separated by a common language!

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  1. Haha, yes, I loved the braces too (I’m British by birth and the word ‘suspenders’ just doesn’t do it for me)!
    It was so nice to see you and Jean interacting with your beloved dogs; they all look very happy and content. A great interview.


    1. I wasn’t aware of your British roots, Barb. I seem to fight an endless and probably pointless battle in correcting those who comment about my suspenders! Talk about two nations separated by a common language! Back to you, Barb: Where were you born?

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      1. Born and raised in Peebles, Scotland and moved to England when I was 10. Emigrated to Oz at the age of 19 with my then boyfriend who later became my hubby.


      2. Oh, that sounds like a wonderful background. I went out to Sydney on one of those ten pound deals from the Aussie Government back in 1968 (I was 23) and then married a Finnish woman whose family had emigrated to North Sydney many years previously. But a job opportunity back in England in late 1970 was too good to resist and I returned. Loved the country though and especially the outback – spent a year in the bush!

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      3. Sounds like you have had an exciting life Paul! How did you end up in the States? We were ten pound poms too, we emigrated to Oz in 1967.


      4. I’ve been very fortunate especially so these last years. I met Jean via a mutual friend who invited me to San Carlos, Mexico for Christmas in 2007. Jean had been living there for a number of years with her American husband, who had died in 2005.

        Jean and I fell in love and, together with Pharaoh, I went to San Carlos a year later. Then Jean and I moved to America to be married in 2010 and settled in Southern Oregon four years ago.

        A perfect Autumn of my life!

        Thanks for asking!

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  2. I really enjoyed your segment, Paul! Learn from dogs and save the world. I especially liked that phrase. Congratulations! I am glad that more people will get to know you and your work.


  3. Ah a lovely interview as well as a promotion for your book.The message in your book is a timeless treasure and I wish that more people could apply these principles to their life. What a wonderful world it would be but we can hope for better days. In the meantime those of us that love our dogs will keep our best friends close in heart and body.


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