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The following was originally published on the Mother Nature Network site.


Cherry the pit bull, rescued from Michael Vick’s fighting ring, gets to play with kittens

Mary Jo DiLonardo

July 27, 2016

Cherry relaxes with new friends in his very own kitten cuddle fort. (Photo: BarkPost)
Cherry relaxes with new friends in his very own kitten cuddle fort. (Photo: BarkPost)

Cherry Garcia had a really tough start to life. He was one of the 50 pit bulls rescued from an illegal dog fighting ring on NFL quarterback Michael Vick’s property. But things eventually got so much better. Cherry was adopted by a great family, where he has a canine little sister, two human siblings and two cats that he adores.

Because the sweet-tempered pup has been through so much, BarkPost decided to honor Cherry as part of its Dog’s Best Day series, offering the pooch the greatest 24 hours of his life. For Cherry, his day involved a cuddle session with kittens (in a special kitten cuddle fort), a backyard beach bash and an incredible dog-friendly ice cream sundae.

“Cherry just loves his kittens, he has two cats now and he loves to play with them,” Paul Fiaccone, Cherry’s owner, told BarkPost in the video below. “Every time he’s around kittens, it’s like all the stress goes away. He would definitely love to be a kitty nanny for a day.”

Ready for some sweetness? Check out the video (and have a tissue handy):

It’s hard to believe that Cherry has bounced back so wonderfully from all the abuse he suffered. Fiacccone, who adopted Cherry in 2007, says the family dog just loves to snuggle.

“Cherry’s favorite thing to do, without a doubt, is to cuddle,” Fiaccone told Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, the group that rehabbed the Vick pit bulls. “It doesn’t matter if it’s his mom, dad, his cats or his canine sister. He just loves to cuddle. His favorite times are when the whole family is on the couch, in bed or just lying on the floor. He takes advantage of each and every moment to share his love. Our favorite saying is, ‘He loves to be loved.'”


He loves to be loved.” Dogs and humans alike!

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