Interconnections Three

Is there a case for optimism? You bet there is!

To be honest, at a personal level I just don’t know the answer to that question. It seems to depend on the mood that Jean and I are in at any particular time. All I can fall back on is that well-used saying from me: “Never underestimate the power of unintended consequences”.

In other words, we shouldn’t underestimate the strength of millions of good people when their demands start reaching out to those in power. (And whatever your reaction to this post, please don’t miss watching the inspirational Al Gore speech towards the end of this post.)

Recently over on the Grist site there was an article about the critical changes that each and every one of us should be making. I want to share it with you in full.


Want to fight climate change? Here are the 7 critical life changes you should make

6 thoughts on “Interconnections Three

  1. There is indeed hope. We might be slow, but we can be outrageously creative when needed. For this reason, I’ve always liked the Chinese word for chaos, we-ji, which is composed of the symbols for ‘danger’ and ‘opportunity.’


  2. What about a gasoline tax? What about a carbon tax? Gee, never, we Americans are not into making serious efforts. Just buying complete cheat fake low mileage fancy, feel-good Priuses and Tesla. (Whereas the Obama administration cancelled fuel cell research, because that would have really make a difference!)

    The raw numbers is that US citizens emit more than twice as much CO2 than the average EU citizen, and three times more than the average French or Swiss.

    Most European countries, including fossil fuel producers Britain and Norway, pays ten dollars per gallon for gasoline.

    The problem is that we have less than ten years to cut CO2 emissions to zero. It will not happen. All we have left is mitigation.

    The USA, plus all what it makes in China and the like, is still the number one Gree House Gaz polluter. Gore’s point, optimism is not deserved for Americans. They want to feel good about themselves, while doing as little as possible. Well, that’s not enough.

    A worldwide carbon tax is am immediate need. Meanwhile let’s all cheer, because the USA is still the GREATEST polluter on Earth, while most feel-good about itself!


    1. Patrice, I hear you and understand what you are saying. Indeed, I do not reject it at all.

      However, as one who does understand a little about the human spirit, nothing great is ever achieved without a positive and enthusiastic attitude. And at that level, and that level only, that presentation from Al Gore is to be applauded.

      And let me close by, in turn, applauding you for the fantastic work you do to reveal the reality of 21st C. homo sapiens.


  3. Yes a great list.. of which I and many more make an effort to reduce their personal Carbon footprints.. But it still needs the those big corporate Boys to toe the line too.. Many of which are still blindly polluting and couldn’t care less about the environmental issues over profits..

    And Patrice is right.. The USA is one of the biggest culprits 😦


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