There’s another year gone!

Yesterday was my 71st birthday.

Consequently, writing a blog post for today wasn’t high on my list of things to do.

So this is to offer my thanks to everyone who sent me greetings; it was wonderful to hear from so many friends, old and new.

Thus my post today is to share three items that came from family back in England.

First, my mother, who is still teaching piano and oboe at the age of 95, sent me this:

Secondly, my son, Alex, and his long-term partner, Lisa, sent me this in an card chosen from the Friends of the Earth selection:

dog cake
(All dog owners know, I’m sure, that dogs must never eat chocolate.)

Lastly, my grandson, Morten, who despite being just five-years-old, is already a dab hand with an iPhone and sent me the following picture of himself with Dad in the background:


Finally, my love and gratitude to Jeannie for making me feel special yesterday, as she has done every day since we first met.

17 thoughts on “There’s another year gone!

  1. Congrats on your 71st birthday Paul ! And what a lovely boy Morten is.
    Coincidentally I celebrated my 62nd today (Nov 9) and we had family and friends around. In addition to making a chocolate cake for me, one of my friends ( ex Georgia USA) also made a meaty birthday cake with mashed potato ‘icing’ in the shape of a bone for my Cairn terrier Max, who just turned 18. It was a lovely surprise. On checking Google images, I was surprised just how many people do this. Some really funny ones here :-

    By the way Paul, you’re 71 now. If you reverse it, and were 17 again – what is the major thing, if any, that you would do differently with your life – knowing what you know now? ( or is this just too difficult?)


    1. Margaret, my fellow Scorpion, a very Happy Birthday to you! And give Max a very warm hug – 18 years old, what a great age.

      What would I do differently? What a fascinating question. Rather than dump the first thing that comes to mind, let me reflect on the question for a while. Who knows? Maybe make it tomorrow’s post?


  2. Paul: I of course tend to ignore birthdays, by principle and sheer absentmindedness, let alone not having the birthday religion, but I will make an exception for you. Happy Birthday!


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