Spaceship Earth

Home to everything, including humans and dogs!

This is a TED video presented by Will Marshall. A quick web search reveals that Will Marshall is:

Co-founder & CEO of Planet Labs.

Planet Labs is helping share near-real-time images of our planet, from a constellation of earth-observing satellites.

In his Twitter bio, William Marshall calls himself a “quantum physicist cum space scientist in search of world peace and harmony.” And when you hear about his job, it falls into place: he and his cofounders at Planet Labs want to show the earth what it looks like, almost real time, via a new network of compact, capable satellites. They hope that up-to-date images will inform future humanitarian and commercial projects all over our planet; it will enable people to make decisions that enable us to take care of our dearest spaceship, spaceship earth.

Before co-founding Planet Labs, Marshall was a scientist at NASA/USRA, where he helped to formulate the Small Spacecraft Office at NASA Ames Research Center. He worked on lunar orbiter mission LADEE, lunar impactor mission LCROSS and the groundbreaking PhoneSat project, building satellites out of consumer parts.

It was only a couple of mouse clicks to find the website for Planet Labs.

All of which is my way of introducing the TED video but not before thanking next door neighbour Larry Little who emailed me the link to the video.

Published on Nov 18, 2014
Satellite imaging has revolutionized our knowledge of the Earth, with detailed images of nearly every street corner readily available online. But Planet Labs’ Will Marshall says we can do better and go faster — by getting smaller. He introduces his tiny satellites — no bigger than 10 by 10 by 30 centimeters — that, when launched in a cluster, provide high-res images of the entire planet, updated daily.

You all have a lovely weekend.

12 thoughts on “Spaceship Earth

    1. Patrice, if I am honest when we first watched the TEDTalk that aspect was in my mind. But then when one thinks of all the many ways that our lives are on view perhaps another one won’t make too much difference. Thanks very much for your reply and will go across to your latest post before the end of my day.


      1. Mini satellites is now a capacity. Cube sats have been launched for quite a while (even during Ariane V launches of giant telecommunication satellites to geostationary orbits).

        However, what the Silicon Valley does is to massively finance a start-up the powers that be have invested in… And they use outfits such as TED to make us believe they invented it. An important step for them to fetch the moral justification which buttress the monopolies they set-up.
        Yes, lonely out there…


  1. Dear Paul: Trying my best to always be a nuisance, I must humbly admit that I am quite successful… Seriously, why to be popular? Is it more important than being right?

    Make no mistake: I am for the technological push, for transcendentalism. But I observe that the creation of ill-disguised, ruthless monopolies, from banking to Silicon Valley, is hindering progress, and making people’s brains all mushy inside.


    1. Patrice, you and I have followed each others scribblings for long enough to know where we are coming from. This is a blog about learning integrity from man’s longest companion, the dog, and I fully agree with you. Only the truth will deliver a viable future.


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