A very joyful dog!

A lovely way to start a new week. Back on the 7th February, over on the blog Dog Leader Mysteries, Deborah published a post under the title of Returned to Owner: joyful dog + family. It is such a wonderful story that it is republished here, with Deborah’s kind permission.


Returned to Owner: joyful dog + family

What a story plus a happy ending!

This true story comes from animal lover, dog rescuer and Redwood Writer, Brigid Wasson. I highly recommend you find and friend Brigid on Facebook and visit her Website. I posted Brigid Wasson’s bio sketch and links to her Facebook Pages at the bottom.

Brigid Wasson wrote on Facebook.

Tonight renewed my faith in the “RTO (Return To Owner) Program” that Sue Padgett and I started so long ago. Too little emphasis is placed on owner reclaims of “stray” pets in shelters, something I am working hard to change. A young couple was in a major car accident, leaving the woman disabled and in a wheelchair. Without transportation and unable to work, they fell on hard times after the accident. They had to move in with a relative who later kicked them out, and the person they trusted to care for their dog dropped him off at the County shelter. The dog wasn’t doing well at the shelter, so the director called and asked if I would take him to the humane society. We had no room, so he went to a foster home. A week later, the County shelter director called again and said the real owners had been identified. When they went to get their dog back from the person caring for him, they learned of the deception and felt devastated. Tonight, we delivered the dog to his owner in Ukiah. As soon as I turned into the parking lot of Safeway, he saw him and went crazy, whining and jumping at the window. I opened the door and he leaped into his arms, licking his face and howling “I love you.” The owner burst into tears and hugged him tight, thanking us many times. I had intended to get a photo for Facebook, but in the dark, in the rain, it was a private moment too sacred to capture. Even so, it will be in my mind forever, reaffirming why we do what we do.

I love my mom.
I love my mom.

Return to Owner story replies on Facebook

Comments: I am so happy with this outcome and glad that you were able to play such a pivotal part in getting this dog reunited with his family! I have every confidence, that as time goes by, I will be reading more stories like this as more shelters get on board with aggressive RTO efforts! Good job, Brigid! So very touching. It’s not always easy to understand why other have to drop their beloved animals at a shelter. At the time we were so quick to condemn. So glad you were able to help. Animals always remember us. Brigid’s reply

We are so quick to judge when most of us are one injury or illness away from disaster, and life can change in a moment. We gave them our numbers and assured them that they can call us if they run into trouble again.

Awesome story! Never enough happy endings! You are good, good people. This is one thing that pulls at my heart strings. Seeing a grown man cry so hard when we open the truck door and his little dog leaped into his arms and started licking him on his teary eyed face. It was a great reunion for all of us. OH WHAT A STORY! I Love it!!! Thank you for being you Brigid. Great story Brigid. Those are priceless rewards we at shelters need to hear. What a wonderful story, reaffirms my faith in The goodness of people We live for these moments! yes, by all means


Please visit the Website of Brigid Wasson Good Dogs Pet Sitting and her Facebook Page Animal Shelter Success. Brigid Wasson worked for the County of Santa Clara Animal Shelter as their supervisor. She now owns and runs two business, Good Dogs Pet Sitting and The Path Ahead Animal Shelter Consulting. Since it was too dark for photographs or video, here’s another wonderful Return To Owner story. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qLpXnoI_hJ8


Here’s my closing thought. Dogs so often bring out the best in us humans!

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