A hug never goes amiss!

The many joys of a connected world. As I wrote that sub-heading above, it struck me that the virtual world of blogging partially mimics the real world of life, as in that in nature everything is connected.  To say that everything is connected in the world of blogging is rather far-fetched, but (and you knew there was a ‘but’ coming, didn’t you) there is no question that bloggers tend to gravitate towards other bloggers where there is some sense of resonance. All of which could have been said in far fewer than the eighty-one words above! Try like-minded tend to be drawn to each other! So whether it’s in ten words or eighty-one words, it’s a preamble to the wonderful words of another blogger. I’m referring to the blog Wibble that is authored by Pendantry. Mr. P (and I’m assuming it is a ‘he’) wrote a post for the recent Earth Hug Day on December 12th. I thought it would make a nice republication this last Friday before the Winter solstice in the Northern Hemisphere this coming Sunday.


Who needs a hug? earth-hug-12dec2014-350x247

Earth hug day‘: 12 December 2014.

who has supported you all your life without asking for anything in return? fresh air, clear water, food, stability and unconditional love… the earth provides. the earth cares. the earth loves!

it’s about time we love her back again… every day – every moment… and with a huge collective earth hug right around the planet!

throw yourself on the ground and hug the earth! run to a tree and hug the earth! put your arms around each other and hug the earth!

hug the earth ♥ share the love

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P2vjdE0EgIQ You don’t have to understand what they’re saying — the meaning is clear.


Our dear, wonderful Planet Earth.

6 thoughts on “A hug never goes amiss!

  1. Thanks for the reblog, Paul. I don’t deserve any credit: only twenty of the words were mine, I stole the rest from endecocide.org. And the graphic, oh, and the video, too 🙂 And, oh, look, none of these alphabet letter thingies are mine — I stole them all, every last one!

    We are indeed all connected. Mitakuye Oyasin.

    PS Yes, I am a ‘he’ (as in ‘hehehe’ 🙂
    PPS You spelled ‘pendantry’ wrongly 😛


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