In respect of life.

The now widely shared story of saving some baby sharks.

baby sharks

I read about this amazing rescue of these baby sharks from the Daily Mail newspaper online.  The wonderful story has now been widely circulated.  This is what I read:

Jaws of life: Extraordinary footage emerges of beachgoer slicing open a pregnant dead shark to save her pups and lead them to the ocean

  • Beachgoer slices open pregnant dead shark to rescue her unborn pups
  • Family found the deceased mother shark washed up on Cape Town beach
  • After seeing movement inside, the man cuts the creature open to free pups
  • Carefully avoiding their teeth, video shows him saving three baby sharks
  • Witnesses shout ‘congratulations’ as the pups are carried to the ocean

This extraordinary video shows the moment a beachgoer sliced open a pregnant dead shark to save her pups and lead them to the ocean.

An American family found the deceased mother shark on a beach in Cape Town, South Africa, but noticed that something inside the creature was still moving.

Realising there could be baby sharks inside, the gruesome but remarkable footage shows the man using a knife to perform a makeshift C-section on the animal.

Here is that video:

The Daily Mail article concludes:

The video’s description reads: ‘This video is a good example of respect to all forms of life… You cannot help but admire the beach goers that helped the baby sharks live a life in the ocean.’

Despite their unconventional entrance to the world, the sharks are likely to live normal, healthy lives. Pups, who stay inside the womb for up to two years, do not stick around for long after birth in case their mother eats them and are capable of independence from the moment they are born.

That’s a lovely story as I’m sure you will all agree.

9 thoughts on “In respect of life.

  1. Amazing video Paul.. Sharks are essential in the eco system of the ocean just as Vultures are in Africa.. take them away and the balance is once again upset.. Everything in this world is a much needed part of the whole.. 🙂


      1. I think Paul the Homo Sapien the world could very easily live without don’t you? I mean can we really say what we have contributed to the Earth? I mean the Living Planet? Not the technology we have created for our benefit… What Have we done except pollute and destroy! Can you think of anything really positive.. at the moment I am struggling to..


      2. Well, we should exclude the real human inhabitants! I’m thinking of such peoples as the Australian Aborigines and the Native American Indians, and others of their ilk. But the jury is still out in terms of ‘modern man’.

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