Be part of research into animal communication.

A request from Dr. Rupert Sheldrake.

Dr. Sheldrake has been very regularly mentioned on Learning from Dogs, the most recent time was last year in a post called Brain-to-brain communication.

Jean and I have been involved in a research programme involving our own dogs here at home.  So far, without much success.  But it occurred to me that there may be readers who would like to participate.  So here’s an email in response to my offer to post something in this place.

Companion Animal Research Group

Pam Smart and I are setting up a Companion Animal Research Group for people who would like to do research with their dogs, cats or other animals. If you have an animal that knows when you are coming home or who seems to respond to your thoughts and intentions telepathically, and if you would like to take part in a simple research project, please get in touch with Pam by email: (at) btinternet (dot) com She will send you further details.

Of course, if you do have such a telepathic animal then they will know about this post before you do! 😉

2 thoughts on “Be part of research into animal communication.

  1. When I was a child we had a Cat, well we’ve had Cats in our family for generations.. But when I was small we had a huge or maybe being so young it seemed huge as I have not photo memories of her.. She was a tabby cat.. We lived at that time right on top of a hill in a village and it was around a quarter of a mile to walk to the bottom where more homes were..
    Dad worked in the Limestone Quarry at the time, and would walk to the village to catch his lift….
    Each night at exactly the same time our Cat would walk down the quarter of a mile and wait upon the school wall. Waiting for Dad to come home where she would jump upon his shoulder and be carried home in style.

    Now one day Dad finished work earlier than normal as he had had a slight accident with his hand.. (( He had a dangerous job of drilling on the rock face placing explosives in holes on the quarry face… He would dangle over the edge on a rope ladder..Not allowed today I would think lol with Health and Safety rules 🙂 .. So injuring his hand meant he couldn’t hold on and use his drill ))

    Dad told the story over and over, so thats why it sticks, that day the cat knew he was coming home early and was waiting for him.. So in my opinion Yes the bond between animal and owner is there, and they do sense when we are coming home..

    Thanks for allowing me to retrieve that memory… it made me smile as I recounted it…
    Sue 🙂


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