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I subscribe to Christine’s blog 350 or bust.  As the home page declares, Christine is “a mother, an educator, and a former registered nurse, concerned about climate change.”

Being a follower of Christine’s blog I automatically received an email on Tuesday about her latest post.  This is what that email said,

It’s TED Talk Tuesday on 350orbust. Here’s a fascinating TEDx talk by South African trainer and speaker Bruce Muzik whose “passion is having people experience unprecedented freedom and happiness, through being Authentic.

To be perfectly honest, it didn’t strike me as something that I would watch anytime soon.  However, fate decided to intervene!

Because yesterday, Wednesday, I went up to Portland for an interview today to convince the authorities that I was safe to have my US Residency renewed (aka Green Card).  So last Tuesday, when I was writing these words, I thought I would just grab something quickly for today’s post.  Christine’s TED talk seemed an easy answer.

I started to watch the video and within just a few minutes was overwhelmed with Bruce Muzik’s story.  At the 7 minute mark I paused the video and wrote these words.  The title of today’s post comes from the video just a moment after the 7 minute point.

While the video is about Bruce confronting his inner fears over his racial prejudices, and is no less moving for doing that, there was another message surfacing in parallel in my consciousness.

As I wrote not so long ago under the title of Going beyond the self, “the human psyche lives in a bubble of delusion.”  In the same way that Bruce had to cast aside his delusions and embrace the reality of black people, we have to cast aside our delusions about the way the world is heading.  Which is why Christine’s title How Our Secrets Steal Our Lives was just perfect.

So without further ado, here is that speech by Bruce Muzik. Twenty minutes of pure, gorgeous inspiration.

Want more? Bruce has a blog here.

4 thoughts on “Welcome Home

  1. Casting aside prejudice or delusion is like mining for gold, one has to cut through the rock to reach the gold underneath.


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