End of power!

Not the end of the world but …!

Dear readers of Learning from Dogs.  I started writing this blog on July 15th, 2009.  Up until today I hadn’t missed a daily post for you.  However, there was none for today!

On Thursday it started snowing here in Southern Oregon and by the evening such was the accumulation on the grid that the power went out around 6pm local time (Pacific Standard Time – PST).  The power is still out as I write this at 5pm on Saturday evening.  I managed to get our generator hooked up yesterday but then ran out of fuel earlier today.  Our very kind neighbours, Clarence and Margo, brought over 10 gallons a short while ago so we are back in business.



Not the best of photos but it showed some 3 or 4 inches laying on the ground as of yesterday.  The snow was very wet and has brought down a number of trees including one that blocked our driveway.  Thanks goodness for my new toy, our tractor, so that the tree could be dragged clear.



So apologies for the break in service but as they say, it is due to circumstances beyond our control.  We have now had about 10 inches of snow and there are still flurries coming through very regularly.

Until we are back on mains power and everything has settled down, I shall not be adding any more ramblings to Learning from Dogs.

Meanwhile the season’s greetings wherever you are in the world.

4 thoughts on “End of power!

  1. A blizzard in the foothills of the Cascade Range is clearly something else the Mayans did not foresee. 🙂

    Your neighbours are very kind. I hope the snow does not all melt too quickly (because that will cause more flooding)…

    I must go now and prepare to drive 250 miles across that flooded wasteland we used to call England. I will be in touch from the other side (if my Sister lets me use her computer)…


  2. Thanks for the kind thoughts. Yet more wet snow greeted us this morning but today should see the end of the storm. Even the return of mains electricity! Be safe wherever you are.


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