Oh, to be a dog!

How our modern technological world can be a pain!

Yesterday, around 10am something got into my main desktop computer and practically brought it to a halt.  Of course, it had been months since I had done a backup and there were dozens and dozens of documents at risk, including a fair chunk of a novel that I have under-way!  An hour later, I had managed to backup my documents yet the PC was still pretty crippled.  Felt like an utter waste of a day!

Luckily the old laptop that we use to watch movies was fine, and that is what I am using to prepare this Post.

So, by way of making me and hopefully many of you as well, feel so grateful for the way that dogs just let it all flow by, here are a few wonderful dog pictures, sent to me courtesy of Rich and Katie S.

Holding a rose for all humanity!

and what about this this fine dog!

The epitome of loyalty and unconditional love!

Try avoiding this pair of eyes!

Not many would disagree with W.W.

Don’t know about you, but I’m already feeling better!

Some of man's best listeners!

The unavoidable truth!

Oh, how so true!

OK, plenty more where these came from, to be held in reserve for other challenging days!  Thank you Rich and Katie.

But aren’t we so lucky to have these animals in our lives!  God bless them!

2 thoughts on “Oh, to be a dog!

    1. Nothing like a great start to the day, but not sure about 4am! Our day looking a lot better despite the crashed PC being a hard drive failure. But the dogs are happy and that’s the important one!


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