20 years of the WWW

And a neat idea from the BBC

BBC Broadcasting House, Portland Place, London

For those living outside the UK (well so far as our IP address is concerned) watching BBC television via the Web has always been a bit of a challenge.  Presumably because of the way that the BBC is funded, a Licence Fee (aka tax!) on those UK householders that wish to watch public broadcasted television, it is deemed ‘unfair’ if those outside the UK, who do not pay this Fee, have unfettered access to the Beeb’s programming.  Thus if one attempts to access the BBC online from outside the UK you are met with the following message:

Currently BBC iPlayer TV programmes are available to play in the UK only, but all BBC iPlayer Radio programmes are available to you. Why?

However, the BBC have made a wonderful exception with regard to a series of programmes under the title of The Virtual Revolution. All about 20 years of the World Wide Web.

Most of, if not all, the key players of this last 20 years have been interviewed and the uncut footage of these interviews is here.  Fascinating viewing.

And if you fancy making your own documentary using this material, under a unique BBC permissive licence, then here’s where to start.

Well done, the Beeb!

By Paul Handover

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