Somebody forgot to tell the dogs!

A reminder about how dogs, just like their human masters, love an ordered life.

We live in a rural country village with some 500 people scattered around, and have the New Forest on our door step, so our two dogs, Millie and Summer, get lots of walks. They are nearly six now, and arrived here as puppies.

Like most dog owners, we are known because of the dogs.  The dogs sit near the five-bar gate during the day waiting to see if anybody will pass by and talk to them. The normal routine when I am home is to go out shortly after 6am for a morning walk, then they get another walk later during the day.

Until July, Paul, our 4 year-old son had been going to the local pre-school in the village hall thus we would walk down with the dogs at the start and finish of these morning sessions. However, from this month (September) he has joined his sister in the junior school, and now we cycle. Paul goes on a trailer bike, and Stephanie has an old bike which she likes because it has a basket.

Our route takes us over the bridge of a lovely river and we always stop to see the fish, swans and bird life. On my way back home I saw a family friend walking to the village hall with her son, so I stopped to have a chat. One of the Mums came out from the pre-school and said that one of our dogs was outside. “No” I said, “Can’t be; she is at home.”

But Millie was outside the school. Somehow she had found a way out of the garden and was waiting patiently outside the pre-school, probably wondering why I had forgotten to take her.

Of course nobody had told her that Paul had changed schools, so now we are going to take her for a walk to the junior school so that she will realise what has happened.

Maybe she just liked to see the children who made a fuss of her!  Dogs are so much smarter than we often give credit for.

By Bob Derham

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